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New Streamlined Video Based Resource Launched for Mentors


The new Online Mentor Update has launched with the aim of reducing a text heavy system in to a smooth streamlined experience utilising high quality video content along with a clean and responsive user interface.

As 50% of Nursing students’ time is spent in practice a mentoring system is used to assess the students’ progression through the course. Part of the requirement of being a mentor is ensuring they "maintain and develop their knowledge, skills and competence as a mentor" (Standards to support learning and assessment in practice - NMC standards for mentors, practice teachers and teachers. Nursing and Midwifery Council).

The School of Health Sciences has provided an online Mentor Update resource which can allow Mentors to update once in every three years in a convenient manner. The previous versions of this update have been very text heavy and had an upfront registration process and a multiple choice assessment component.

With the development of the latest version Aaron has worked with the Practice learning team to develop condensed video clips which draw upon the team’s expertise from face-to-face Mentor Update sessions that they provide and furthermore has done away with the registration process instead opting for an end of process confirmation request. The resource is delivered via a responsive HTML5 template to ensure great user experience regardless of their chosen device.

Resource Introduction

Resource introduction

Self assesment

Self assesment

Embedded video content

Embedded video content

User Feedback

The system has been positively received with some excellent user feedback:

"This is the best update I have done online. It is very succinct and the videos help. I liked the videos of the student interviews also."

"This is the first time i have completed the online update for a few years.

I believe that this updated version is more interactive, it is easy to follow and you can complete it at your own pace.

I particularly enjoyed the videos asthey left methinking about what I would do if in similar situation. "

"Like the online update, much more relevant and packed with info, also can be completed at own pace"

"Much easier to complete on line and able to listen and understand in private without any interruptions. also do not have to travel out of the work place which takes time that we have not got"

"This online update not only help us but it"s also remind us on how to mentor students. It"s good that some video was included especially when the mentor talked to her student before and during the practice."

"This is the first time i have used this online tool and i found it very helpful and informative"


  • Codeigniter 3.0 (PHP Framework)
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • HD Video Capture
  • Chroma Keying
  • Premiere Pro
  • Adobe Aftereffects
  • Adobe Soundbooth
  • Delivered by Katura

The article was viewable from Friday, 2nd October 2015.

Author: Aaron Fecowycz