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360 Degree Operating Theatre Orientation Resource Developed

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360 Degree Operating Theatre Orientation

Aaron has been working with colleagues from the School of Health Sciences (Gill Langmack) and the Nottingham University Hospital Trust (Jennifer Wallace) to develop a small 360-degree operating theatre orientation resource, to enable students to get a feel of what an operating theatre environment is like and familiarise themselves with the organisation and some of the equipment.

Rioch Theta S

Operating Theatre Orientation

Tray equipment

Aaron made use of the Ricoh Theta S (kindly loaned by the University of Nottingham’s External Relations Team) to take 360-degree images of the various connected rooms that make up one of the operating theatres. With 360 photography everything is "in-shot", so there was much hopping in and out of rooms to ensure everyone was out of shot. The team involved were great and made the experience a good one especially as Aaron was feeling a little out of his depth wearing green scrubs!

Aaron utilised the Roundme platform to create and host the 360-degree tour which enables the linking together of multiple 360-degree images and the creating of portals and hotspots. Easy sharing of created content is offered through embed codes.


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The article was viewable from Friday, 10th February 2017.

Author: Aaron Fecowycz