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Developing Resilience Reusable Learning Object

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Developing Resilience

Aaron has been working with Julie McGarry, Richard Windle and Mike Taylor to develop a Reusable Learning Object (RLO) which is "designed to help individuals to recognise approaches to the development of resilience in healthcare settings". Aaron was specifically brought onboard with the project part-way through development of the RLO and was tasked with completing development and delivering the finalised RLO. There was a short turnaround time for the resource to be completed as a pre-release review had been organised with the project team.

During this review Aaron proposed a modified approach to the activity and the presentation of content to ensure visibility of video content was not restricted and that the main interactive element of the RLO was better aligned to the collaborative workshop which was the foundation of the resource. This proposal was accepted and adjusted delivery date agreed.

Aaron created stylised versions of each of the 12 masks created by the participants of the collaborative workshop and then allows the learner to select one of these masks as the starting point for their own mask. The learner can choose up to five different elements from the student’s mask to create their own "Mask of Resilience". This creation contains the descriptions of the various component parts and can be printed if required.

Decide upon a base mask design

Decide upon a base mask design

Selected individual mask elements

Selected individual mask elements

Final assembled mask with explanation

Final assembled mask with explanation

Aaron feels that the new approach to the RLO activity works very well and more closely aligns itself with the original collaborative workshop allowing the learners an experience which is a little closer to the mask of resilience creation process.

The Developing Resilience resource was released on the HELM Open Platform on the 15th February 2019.

The article was viewable from Friday, 15th February 2019.

Author: Aaron Fecowycz