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HELM RLO Activity Catalogue

HELM Gradient
HELM RLO Activity Catalogue


Aaron has worked with Lydia Jones (of the HELM Team) developed, populated and deployed an open access Reusable Learning Object (RLO) activity catalogue. This catalogue has the aim of aiding authors, looking to create their RLOs, and also developers, who’s task it is to realise the authors specification.

The requirement for a catalogue of interactive activities found within HELM’s RLOs has been an intended development for some time. Discussions by members of the HELM Team (Richard Windle, Lydia Jones, Kamila Januwicz and Aaron Fecowycz) began in early 2017 but the project laid dormant until the requirement was again raised in connection with a European funded project in early 2019.

Aaron drew upon this earlier activity catalogue work and decided to develop an online catalogue within the framework of the RLO Specification System. Aaron was able to develop a working tool which focused on providing a searchable record of RLO activities which would have the lowest possible barriers to continued use and growth.

RLO Activity Catalogue - Activity Wall

RLO Activity Catalogue - Activity Wall

Aaron looked to keep the information requirements to a minimum along with embedding activities directly from the openly published RLOs within the catalogue. The minimum requirements for any record within the Activity Catalogue are:

  • Activity Title – descriptive title
  • Activity URL – location of the activity provided as a working URL
  • Activity Description – describing the function of the activity and technical details
  • Activity Developer – name of original activity developer
  • Activity Screenshot – 1920 X 1080 screen shot of the activity

The recorded activities are presented in various ways, from an activity wall through to keywords and a searchable table. Aaron worked extensively with Lydia Jones to develop the interface and flow and this greatly enhanced the usability of the system.

Further feedback was gained from Richard Windle who raised the potential of the categorisation of activities based around pedagogical goals. This feature was built in to the catalogue and provides an excellent route to pedagogically relevant activities within the catalogue.

RLO Activity Catalogue - Activity Wall

RLO Activity Catalogue - Pedagogical Catorgorisation

Aaron envisages the RLO Activity Catalogue offering the ability for RLO authors to discover existing activities which are aligned to their pedagogical goals in a way that has not been previously possible. The catalogue also offers RLO developers the ability to quickly find existing activities that meet their requirements and provide a location to the live version which can for the starting point for their own activity development work.

The catalogue currently contains 28 distinct activities to showcase a range of activities utilised within the HELM Open RLOs, from drag and drop activities to 360 interactive experiences.

Explore the HELM RLO Activity Catalogue

The article was viewable from Friday, 31st May 2019.

Author: Aaron Fecowycz