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New COVID-19 Vaccine Education Learning Resource Launched

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New COVID-19 Vaccine Education Learning Resource Launched


A new COVID-19 Vaccine Education learning resource for health and care professionals and healthcare students has now been launched. This learning resource aims to increase understanding of the COVID-19 vaccine and provide a resource that will help them to explain to patients and clients why COVID-19 vaccine uptake is important for individual and societal health.

CoVE Package: COVID-19 Vaccine Education
The importance of the COVID-19 vaccine for individual and societal health


The trigger for the development of this resource was a conversation Aaron had with a friend whose partner had decided not to have the COVID-19 vaccine. Aaron began to think that using the established Reusable Learning Object development methodology, a resource could be developed which may aid others in making informed decisions regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Aaron sought the advice of former HELM colleague, Shanaz Pottinger, who directed Aaron to Dr Holly Blake, Associate Professor of Behavioural Science. Aaron virtually met with Holly to discuss this idea and Holly explained how she experienced a session with a group of students in which the vaccine was discussed, and various opinions both for and against the COVID-19 vaccine were put forward. The development of a COVID-19 vaccine related learning resource which might aid these students in understanding the role that a COVID-19 vaccine could play for both the individual and wider society and could have wider applications for health and care professionals.

Resourcing this project was key question and as there was not an established project, funding was absent. Aaron offered his resource development skills and would develop the resource outside of working hours and Holly agree to proceed.


COVID-19 Vaccine Education Learning Resource is the vaccine safe

COVID-19 Vaccine Education Learning Resource is the vaccine safe


From this tentative start, the resource development project began, with Holly acting as project lead and joining the project team was Dr Wendy Jones, Research Fellow. An agile development approach was utilised and utilised the RLO Specification Tool in the early stages to rapidly visualise the resource through the preview feature. This quickly moved to iterative development of working concepts. The aim was to maintain a high tempo, to rapidly implement modifications and have working prototypes to push the project forward.

Holly was able to leverage her extensive national and international professional networks to develop an international review board to enhance the resource and importantly ensure the resource accuracy. Sala Kamkosi Khulumula, Critical Care Nurse & Vaccinator joined the project to provide narration for the resource.


COVID-19 Vaccine Education Learning Resource Screens

COVID-19 Vaccine Education Learning Resource landing page

COVID-19 Vaccine Education Learning Resource landing page

Why are vaccines important for the public

Why are vaccines important for the public

The COVID-19 VAccine

The COVID-19 vaccine


Aaron pushed the functionality of the resource to include features such as PDF certificate generation to allow users to document their completion of the resource for their professional development. Utilising the JISC Online Surveys feedback from which is typically used within RLOs, Aaron built a pre resource knowledge and confidence survey which feed the captured data directly into completion survey. The visual styling of the resource was extensively reworked to provide a great user experience both on large and small screen devices, with a focus on ensuring high levels of accessibility for all users.

Aaron is incredibly proud of what the COVID-19 Vaccine Education team have accomplished in a very short period. The resource was developed entirely remotely, using tools such as the RLO Specification Tool, Microsoft Teams and Google Files. The entire team worked incredibly hard and in addition to their existing workloads, driven by a desire to produce a high quality and freely accessible resource that can contribute to our response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aaron would additionally like to thank Sala Kamkosi Khulumula for her wonderful narration of this resource and thanks to the International review panel for taking the time to review the resource and offer great feedback which helped make the resource as good as it could be.


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Audio Post-Production
  • JISC Online Surveys

The article was viewable from Thursday, 3rd June 2021.

Author: Aaron Fecowycz